Stellar Edge wiki

You have 3 movement abilities.

grappling, boots and jetpack

these can be upgraded in the star linker with skill points


To use the grappling, you have to throw it to a bloc by left clicking without a melee weapon in hand.

Then, you'll be pulled to your grappling's location.

You can upgrade the grappling's range, reduce its cooldown or make it pulls you faster in the Star linker.


To use your boots, you have to press two time your space bar.

You will be granted a second superior jump.

You can reduce the cooldown, upgrade the jump height or length in the Star linker.


The jetpack can be on or off, to activate or deactivate it you have to sneak two time.

If you sprint while the jetpack is on, you will be able to fly.

Jetpack's fuel is shown in your exp bar on top of your hotbar.

The fuel slowly regenerate while you are not using it.

You can upgrade the speed, the amount of fuel and the regeneration speed in the Star linker.