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Welcome on Stellar Edge community-based Wiki. Find bellow all the information about Stellar Edge Minecraft Server.

To connect : [1.16.5]

This wiki is approved by the staff of Stellar Edge and often checked and fixed. (by Lordinouille - Founder)

What is Stellar Edge ?[]

Stellar Edge is the only Sci-Fi MMORPG Server active on Minecraft.

It follows a classic RPG-style gameplay, complete lore-related quests, upgrade your gear, fight levelled mobs and improve your skill tree. Since the server takes place in sci-fi environment in space, you play with unique movement mechanics :

  • A jetpack
  • A pair of jump boots
  • A grappling

By combining the 3 movements, you can access any place in a pure vertical environment.

You also have to manage your oxygen and can upgrade it

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