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Here you can find all the quests

Regions Base Level Quest Name NPC Miniquest ? Synopsis xp given Pillars given skill points modules
Stuggart Agronomics O'neill 0 Escape none no Escape the ship and found somewhere to go 300 300 1 0
2 O'neill coming back O'neill Owner no Get back O'neill's communication to give back it's living economy 1000 300 0 ejection lvl.1
2 Necessary purification Trafic Controller no 3 commercial ships were stopped, go check what's going on 450 1000 1 pistol magazine lvl.1

power supply lvl.1

2 Belters under pression Scared Inhabitant yes Stop the planetaries convoy from taking the O'neill food. 700 120 0 canon pistol barrel lvl.1
2 Gourmet meal Barman yes Bring back food from the hacked biodome 700 200 1 sniper scope lvl.1

safety lvl.1

finish all O'neill quests Introduction to fast travel Hike unknown Learn how fast travel works 1 1 0 0
Anchor 5 Refreshment Engineer no The hydroponical system is broken, go check what's going on 1640 475 1 riffle battery lvl.1

drum lvl.1

5 Flourishing business Old Man no Deliver a cargo to O'neill owner 1640 530 1 heavy sniper rail lvl.1

quick sniper rail lvl.1

5 A strange ping Manager no Kill the crazy drones outside 820 660 1 reflector lvl.1

automatic pump tube lvl.1

5 Caught up by the past Anchor Owner no Bring back food supply from the old warehouse 820 640 1 classical pistol barrel lvl.1

slow pump tube lvl.1

5 Seeds of life Distraught


yes The convoy that transport seeds seems to have a problem, go check what's going on 1140 320 1 riffle barrel lvl.1

slide lvl.1

5 Vital ressources Supply manager yes Take back the supplies Anchor gift to the narvisian 1140 310 1 handle lvl.1

rifle barrel lvl.1

Exarche3 8 SOS Vigil no A distress signal has been detected, go check what's going on 2540 700 1 pistol magazine lvl.2

riffle scope lvl.1

8 Commercial road Exarche3 manager no Go see O'neill's Owner to etablish a commercial road between Exarche3 and O'neill 1775 880 1 slow pup muzzle lvl.1

sight lvl.1

8 The rats Computer Specialist yes A lot of vibration and a heat increases were detected near, go check 1475 360 1 LMG magazine lvl.1

heavy sniper sockets lvl.1

8 The kingdom wall Engineer yes Restart Exarche3's shield 1475 350 1 sniper battery lvl.1

condensator lvl.1

Quark 10 Kidnapping Worried mother no Junkers kidnapped a poor kid, go deliver him. 3200 750 1 lever lvl.1

classical pistol barrel lvl.2

10 Recovery Operation Quark leader no Quark's men were near the Junker field but never came back, investigate their disappearance 3200 810 1 slow pump tube lvl.2

piston lvl.1

10 Shoplifting Tenant no Someone stole a "model-6", a technology jewel, find who stole it 3200 900 1 safety lvl.2

quick sniper

sockets lvl.1

10 Unwelcomed Traffic controler yes Three planetarian spaceships just entered the fly-zone, go kill them and destroy their ships 1140 410 1 cylinder lvl.1

amplifier lvl.1

Humble 13 A strange discovery Humble director no Very strange signals were discovered at 3 locations near Humble, go take some sample 3300 875 2 sniper scope lvl.2

battery lvl.1

13 Scientific cooperation Lab's leader no Transphere artefacts from Humble to Dos2 3300 840 2 automatic pump muzzle lvl.2

rifle barrel lvl.2

13 An atomic atmosphere Technical controller yes Bring uranium to the technical controller 3300 410 1 battery lvl.2

quick sniper sockets lvl.2

Dos2 15 Mad artefact Dos 2 director no You'll have the chance to see the first experiment on the artefact you brought! 2100 915 2 handle lvl.2

heavy sniper rail lvl.2

15 Advanced geothermics Asterologist no More artefacts are needed to make the research progress on it, go get more 2100 910 2 quick sniper rail lvl.2

condensator lvl.2

15 A piggy problem Sad scientist yes A scientist lost George, his piggy find him in Dos2 1600 230 1 reflector lvl.2

drum lvl.2

15 Shadow business Biologist yes Artefacts chunks are disappearing, find a solution to that problem 1600 450 1 cylinder lvl.2

heavy sniper sockets lvl.2

15 A coveted artefact Transport Leader yes The research team in charge of the artefact transfer is asking for help, go help them 1600 440 1 slow pump tube lvl.2

power supply lvl.2

Europa Appolo 17 Preventive measures Head Of Security no Ask michel for anti-personal turret to stop the attacks 3725 1030 2 lever lvl.2

sniper battery lvl.2

17 Big problem big solution Appolo Manager no Appolo obtained two Railgun turrets, but no one succeded in getting them to work 3725 1020 2 amplifier lvl.1

classical pistol barrel lvl.3

17 Bloody vengeance 1 Appolo Militia no Raid the junkers by destroying their bases 3725 1080 2 slide lvl.2

ejection lvl.2

17 Bloody vengeance 2 Appolo Militia no Raid the junkers again by destroying their bases 3725 1100 2 riffle battery lvl.2

riffle barrel lvl.2

17 Farming is sometimes dangerous Biofarmer yes Biofarmer's auto farmer gone crazy, solve this problem 3425 550 1 semi automatic rifle scope lvl.2

safety lvl.3

17 Bad influence Housing Manager yes Get rid of the planetaries who has occupying an appartment for too long 3425 600 1 canon pistol barrel lvl.2

piston lvl.2

Cosmos557 21 Cleaner Main engineer no The solar panel as been seriously endomaged, go analyse the panels 3800 750 2 LMG magazine lvl.2

sniper battery lvl.3

21 Scrambled communication Interlocutor yes The interlocutor can't recieve any signals go check the com-satellite 3500 480 2 sniper scope lvl.3

sight lvl.2

21 Instable reactor Reactor Engineer yes The reactor keep overcharging.. some bullets should works 3500 340 2 lever lvl.3

canon pistol barrel lvl.3

Terok 23 Technical problem Terok Sergeant no Fix the antennas to send an important message 6650 875 2 reflector lvl.3

condensator lvl.3

riffle battery lvl.3

23 Uninvited guest Terok Commander no The base is being attacked, go to your post! 6650 910 2 battery lvl.3

power supply lvl.3

handle lvl.3

Graydon Corp Hilton 25 Apprentice Hilton Owner no Hilton Owner needs you to do a few tasks 3000 650 2 drum lvl.3

pistol magazine lvl.3

quick sniper rail lvl.4

25 Mysterious disappearance Controller no A cargo as disapeared, find it back 8970 1040 1 tiffle battery lvl.3

automatic pump tube lvl.3

quick snipre rail lvl.3

7000 0 1 0
25 The straw house Security officer yes A junker spaceship is trying to force the hangar door, destroy them 2900 670 2 slide lvl.3

piston lvl.3

rifle barrel lvl.3

Asimov 26 Urgent care Asimov Director no The base has been attacked by drones after experiments on an alien artefact, go to hilton find a doctor 4700 875 3 LMG magazine lvl.3

slow pump tube lvl.3

quick sniper sockets lvl.3

26 Dangerous analysis Asimov Director no Protect the base to give time to Asimov director 4700 940 3 0
26 Pure chaos Artefact Logistician yes All artefacts turned on at the same moment and all drones are corrupted, destroy them 4400 550 2 automatic pump muzzle lvl.3

canon pistol barrel lvl.4

riffle scope lvl.3

Gamini 28 Bip boop boop Gamini Director no A spaceship was supposed to deliver a decrypter for an AI but it disappeared 3500 870 3 ejection lvl.3

drum lvl.4

heavy sniper rail lvl.4

28 Advanced mathematics Gamini Director no take batteries at Cosmoss557 to launch the AI 3500 906 2 power supply lvl.4

sniper scope lvl.5

sight lvl.3

28 The end? Gamini Director no a strong gravitationnal anomaly has been detected, go there and collect data 3700 900 3 heavy sniper sockets lvl.3

cylinder lvl.3

sniper battery lvl.4

28 The common knowledge Gamini Director no hack the intercom center of the belt and broadcast a global message 3800 890 3 SMG battery lvl.4

heavy sniper rail lvl.3

lever lvl.4

Junker Field Michel 30 Tasty whiskey Michel no go get oracle spice to help Michel creating whiskey 0 4000 0 quick sniper sockets lvl.4

classical pistol barrel lvl.5

heavy sniper sockets lvl.4